1907 Itala



This pocket square is from a series of Luxury Twill Silk Pocket Squares that have illustrations of the personal Vintage and Classic Car adventures of illustrator Rupali Prakash and her family.

The delicate pastel and bright hues of pink on the pocket square bring out the grand old iconic 1907 Itala as she whizzes past the Eiffel Tower during the Tour De Paris.

The brand Itala is known for winning the most prestigious race from Peking to Paris in the year 1907. At a time when the motor car was still a novelty, the Itala, driven by  Prince Scipione Borghese and Ettore Guizzardi broke all barriers and stereotypes by withstanding the most grueling weather conditions and terrains for 61 days over 14,994 kilometers. More than hundred years later, the Itala is still ready to take her family on new adventures.

Each pocket square is made from the finest Twill Silk, the perfect canvas for the vibrant colours of the artwork to shine through. Carefully packaged in a sleek black envelope foiled in silver, with a note on the inside to illustrate the journey that led to this creation.

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